Scouting is already one of the greatest movements the world has ever known. Scouts have walked on the moon, rowed across oceans, scaled the highest mountains. They have been prime ministers and Oscar winners, authors and inventors, World Cup heroes and scientists.Our former Scouts are social workers, teachers and foster parents: the people who make society work. Scouts are all around you. You will know them by their values: the cooperation, respect and integrity that they learnt when they were young.

Quite simply, Scouting changes lives. We make a positive difference in our communities and improve the life chances and outcomes of young people from every background. In Scouting, young people get the opportunity to discover their potential, benefit from a positive, supportive environment and make a difference. Scouting offers life-changing adventure to over 446,000 girls and boys made possible through the efforts of the 105,000 volunteers who also enjoy the fun and friendship of Scouting.


"Everyday adventure is at the very heart of Scouting: spending time away from home, outdoor and indoor activities, making new friends from all sorts of backgrounds. I want us to work together to unleash the power of everyday adventure where it can make the biggest difference."


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